2020 Coordinated Public Transit – Human Services Transportation Plan

The Pioneer Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (PVMPO) adopted the last Coordinated Public Transportation – Human Service Transportation Plan in 2015. This document is an update of that 2015 Plan and reflects changes in federal grant programs, as well as changes in the needs of the transportation disadvantaged populations in the Region.
The purpose of this 2020 update is to help improve transportation services for persons with disabilities, older adults, and individuals with lower incomes in the Pioneer Valley Region through a better coordinated transportation system. This update provides a framework for the development of projects for municipalities, towns, counties, tribal governments, regional transit authorities (RTAs), and private taxi operators that will address the transportation needs of the target populations, by ensuring that public transportation and human service agencies coordinate transportation resources offered through multiple FTA programs. The needs identified in this Plan will be used to evaluate, and rank eligible projects for various federal transportation grants.

This plan was initially developed prior to the pandemic. While not all of these services are currently in use or may ever return, the documenting of them will provide a framework for future projects. Because many services are in flux, we choose to report the robust mix of services that were in development or in place in FY2019.

Please direct all questions and comments to Peter Kuusisto at pkuusisto@pvpc.org