Top 100 High Crash Intersections in the PV Region

The Top 100 High Crash Intersections is a listing of locations in the Pioneer Valley region with a high occurrence of collisions during calendar years 2015 – 2017.  Crashes are weighted based on the severity of the crashes using the “Equivalent Property Damage Only” or EPDO methodology where fatal and serious injury crashes receive a score of 21 while all other crashes receive a score of 1. Crash data is obtained through the Massachusetts Department of Transportation IMPACT web-based crash report tool. Highway ramps and rotaries are not included as part of this analysis due to their different operational characteristics.  

This listing of high crash intersections is the first step in identifying opportunities to advance safety improvements. Each location is reviewed to identify recently completed and planned roadway improvement projects. Locations found to have no planned safety improvements or that do not experience a decrease in EPDO after the implementation of safety improvements are considered for more in-depth study. These studies are coordinated by the PVPC in with MassDOT and the local community.

Pioneer Valley Planning Commission Crash Data Map

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Riverdale St (Route 5)
Morgan Road/Dagget Dr – West Springfield
Beech Street (Route 202)/Chery St (202)
Northampton St (Route 5) – Holyoke
Buckley Blvd/Chicopee St (Route 116) /
Prospect St/Yelle St/Montgomery St/
North Chicopee St
Carew St (Route 20A)/Liberty St
Banbury St/Grover St/Kendall St
Libcar St/Penacook St/Stockman St
Boston Rd (Route 20)
Stonyhill Rd
Six Corners Roundabout/Hancock St/
Walnut St/Ashley St/Walden St, Springfield

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Springfield Six Corners RoundaboutChicopee Prospect St. at Buckley Blvd &
Yelle St. Intersection
Hadley Russell St at West StWest Springfield-Riverdale St (Rte 5) at
Morgan Rd/Riverdale shops
Liberty St at Carew St intersecton
Chicopee St (Rte 116) at
Prospect intersection
Dickinson St at Hancock St/
Mill St/Orange St intersection